Testimonials for Training4K9s

Over the past ten years, Connie has helped people to build healthy, happy relationships bewteen themselves and their pets. Here are a few words from some of them.



We almost gave up. I had a new rat terrier/Papillion mix puppy that I was positive was going to become a well-socialized member of the family. After a few trips to the local park, I was beginning to think differently. She would constantly bark at everyone and everything that moved. Even though she only weighs 10 lbs, I thought she would pull my arm off. She wanted to jump on and play with every person and animal in sight. These walks were not enjoyable at all. I was constantly apologizing to people for “our” behavior . . .



"Don't Ever Judge A Book By It's Cover", that's what we truly believe after rescuing Sam our German Shepherd. Sam came to us a scared, abused, no confidence and a very vocal dog. When we first brought him home and took him to his first vet appointment, I thought we got the most dominant aggressive dog by the way he acted towards other dogs at the veterinarian's that day. . . .




This was our last straw, we were about to give up. Our new puppy, Nikki, a six month old Akita, was supposed to be a happy addition

to the family but instead was becoming a terror! She was chewing and basically destroying everything!! Leaving her home during

the day with Pugsly, our two year old pug, was becoming a frightful event! Nikki was also such a chore to walk because of her

extreme pulling. . . .