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Devo and Amelia continued

. . . and when she came over I was amazed at how much progress the dogs were able to make in only 2 hours! We still have more work to do, but I now feel confident that it is possible to be able to keep both dogs in our home, as well as knowing that we have given it an earnest try to do so if we do eventually have to rehome someone.

Connie has given us multiple ways to work with them and ideas for how to integrate this training into our home and routine. She has been communicative with any follow up questions I’ve had and I really feel that she cares about her clients and their dogs well being. She even gave us an unexpected discount on our consultation because our dogs were rescue dogs! Definitely recommend to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where their dogs’ behavior seems impossible to fix – it likely isn’t as Connie has shown us!

June 16, 2022


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