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1. Get your clicker and some highly reinforcing treats that your puppy LOVES as well as some other treats that are not as interesting to your pup.


2. Hold your hand open with the not so interesting treats, if he approaches or sniffs fold up your hand quickly so he cannot get the treats. Ignore any interest in your hand and the treats. When your pup backs away or even turns slightly away click/treat that and give him one of the SUPER treats from your other hand.


3. Repeat this until your puppy is not approaching the treats at all.


4. Now you may add the cue words Leave It. As you open your hand and show your pup the treats (knowing that he won’t try to take them) say the cue words Leave It. Click/Treat lavishly for the correct response.


Practice this in many different situations with different objects.Incorporate these basic puppy lessons into your daily routine. Use sit, down, recall and leave it everyday so the behaviors remain strong.Use variable reinforcement schedules and a variety of rewards. Be sure to acknowledge superior performance!


Constance Dwyer, CABC Copyright ©2012 Reproduced by Permission All Rights Reserved

Teaching 'Leave It'

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